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Starters and Components


Case/International Harvester-86992395;86992395R


Case/International Harvester-445T Eng, 445TA Eng, 580M Series 2 Indust/Const, 580M Series 3 Indust/Const, 580SM Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM Series 3 Indust/Const, 580SM+ Series 2 Indust/Const, 580SM+ Series 3 Indust/Const, 586G Series 3 Indust/Const, 588G Series 3 Indust/Const, 590SL Indust/Const, 590SM Indust/Const, 590SM Series 2 Indust/Const, 590SM Series 3 Indust/Const, 590SM+ Series 3 Indust/Const, 650K Series 2 Crawler, 650K Series 3 Crawler, 650L Crawler, 667TA Eng, 668T/M2 Eng, 750K Series 2 Crawler, 750K Series 3 Crawler, 750L Crawler, 850K Series 3 Crawler, 850L Crawler

Tech. Data

12V, 10 tooth, OSGR type, 2.7KW.

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